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Social and Fundraising

Lottery Ticket Winners

Thank you to everyone who sold lottery tickets - we appreciate your support of Prep Hockey! Please check back daily to see if you are a big winner! We payout via Venmo (Susan Custer) and someone will be in touch!


November 1st and 25th - $1000 winners. All other days are $100 winners. 

November 1st - #393, Bernadette McManus, sold by Cathal Dowd
November 2nd - #820, Helen Griffin, sold by Gareth McDonald 
November 3rd - #201, Pat Failey, sold by Christy Collins
November 4th - NO WINNER
November 5th - #186, Maratea Family, sold by the Maratea Family
November 6th - #014, Mark Peacock, sold by Gareth McDonald
November 7th - #572, Jose Sanchez, sold by the Aranda Family
November 8th - #104, NO WINNER 
November 9th - #212, Jim Jacobs sold by Dante Passio
November 10th - #387, Kristi Baker sold by Joe Baker 
November 11th - #117, Louis Verdi, sold by Al Angelo
November 12th - #610, Susan Custer, Alumni   
November 13th - #157, Sydney Schultz, sold by Jake Schultz
November 14th - #411, Pierce Family, sold by Declan Pierce 
November 15th - #866, Joe Moyer, sold by Anthony Salvato
November 16th - #732, NO WINNER
November 17th - #67, Johanna Timonen, sold by Jake Schultz
November 18th - #989, White Family, sold by the White Family
November 19th - #930, Louis Verdi, sold by Al Angelo
November 20th - #414, the Guiliani Family, sold by Guiliani Family
November 21st - #195, NO WINNER
November 22nd - #739 sold by the Collins Family
November 23rd - #019, NO WINNER
November 24th - #208, Anthony McGonigle, sold by McDonald Family
November 25th - #926, ALUMNI Brody Plourde
November 26th - #492, Alice Tomaszewski, sold by the Short Family
November 27th - #017, NO WINNER
November 28th - #219, Schienholtz Family 
November 29th - #739, sold by the Collins Family 
November 30th - #311, Barbara Callan, sold by the Collins Family