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Community Service

The rationale for the Mission and Ministry's Ignatian Service Program at St. Joseph's Prep is rooted in the belief of St. Ignatius that "love is shown in deeds rather than in words." We invite our students to become "men for others" by educating their minds and hearts to horizons beyond their previous experience and into the world beyond the world they know.  Through their service, we hope the students will become aware that they receive much more than they give: that when they become healers, they themselves are healed; when they give companionship, they themselves receive companionship; when they uplift and encourage, they themselves are uplifted and encouraged; and when they enlighten, they are themselves enlightened. Recognition by all of our students that God is present in all things, all people and all situations.

Volunteer Service Event 10/6/2019

The "Out Of Darkness Walk” in conjunction with American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  The walk takes place on Sunday, 10/6 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  The walk is all about drawing attention to mental health awareness, offering resources for help, and honoring loved ones.  Various volunteer activities listed on a sign up link below.  The service hours should run from 5:45am -11am.  Wear your Prep Hockey Jersey or Prep Apparel

Clean up in Cape May was a great service event

On Sunday, 7/28,  The Prep Hockey boys helped to do indoor and outdoor cleaning and gardening at St Babs in Cape May Court House, NJ.  St. Babs is owned and run by Will Keenan. Will named the church after his mother who passed away from breast cancer.  She was an advocate for people in need especially women and children, and those seeking recovery.  St. Babs is a place for self development, arts education, and for spiritual growth for these people.  It was a great day of service and giving back for the boys. 

Prep Hockey: Tutor Your Teammates

Since hockey is a long season, it is easy for players to get overwhelmed with school and hockey, plus the academic demands at the Prep, and fall into academic difficulty. Players and parents should check Power School regularly and a player should see his teacher and/or counselor if he is having difficulty with a subject.

Prep hockey is continuing its “Tutor Your Teammates” service initiative to provide additional support to teammates who are having difficulty with a class. In addition, UPenn has graciously provided areas for players to complete homework, including group work/tutoring/quiet study, after school on Mondays and Wednesdays for players who have the second ice slot.

Study Area at UPenn Rink for Players who have the second ice slot. Players waiting to take the ice on the second ice slot should complete homework in the spaces that UPenn is making available for our players. All players should use these spaces to complete school work rather than balancing books on their knees in the locker room. These spaces can be used for tutoring, completion of individual assignments and/or group study.

The primary purpose of the “Tutor Your Teammates” program is for players to support each other with academics, to “catch up” due to absence from school (for club games, illness, etc.), or to provide additional support with homework as supplemental help in addition to support being provided by teachers/counselors.

If a player feels he needs extra help, the “Tutor Your Teammates” program will be available for support.

Parents are welcome to “volunteer” their son for tutoring if grades in Power School indicate a concern.
To participate in this initiative, students need to contact Lisa Ciampitti or Mollie Amato et us know you would like tutoring and we will work to provide you with a tutor.

Tutors willing to volunteer need to also sign up with us so players can be “matched up” for help.

Brian McCloskey, our club moderator, will monitor grades and students who may be academically ineligible will be reported to Coach Giacomin who will inform the student and suggest a combination of extra help from teachers/teammates.